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Founded in 1st century of 3rd millennium

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We Create,

Digital Identity for businesses, which includes

Website Creation - SEO Management
Mobile Apps - Social Media Engagement
Brand strategy - Online Advertising campaigns

Digital Impact.

It is crutial for every business to reach out to their customers online, It ensures coverage of mass buyer market who starts their journey online 📈.
Take over the competitive business by one step at a time, build your brand reputation with Instantaneous publicity.

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Our Products

Over the past we have launched our own products from ideas to life. Naming, branding, and positioning through design, development, and launch.

ஒருவனாய் இணைவோம், ஒரு புதிய கண்ணோட்டத்தில்


” …தெக்கனமும் அதில் சிறந்த திராவிடனல் திருநாடும்… “ We once were a great nation and still one of the best, who found the answers for everything from Societal Culture - Healthy Life - Theophysics - How to Co-Exist along with plants and animals - Spirituality - Eternal way of living, சிவம். We just lost it somewhere in the last few centuries. Let's rediscover the knowledge our ancestor left behind by not fighting over language, borders, racial discrimination.. and see the underlying paradise (humanity).

Also read the latest news in தமிழ் & English in all categories.

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Write a letter today!


Messenger Rediscovered, An app that helps you write Digital yet Real time Postcard Letters to your Friends, Family & Love. We all'r so obsessed with instnat messages that we lost how it feels when someone writes you a personalised message ;)

Yes, you can write encrypted postcards all across India for FREE!!

Website & Mobile App coming soon!

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Built on a vision to tap into the vast and unparalleled potential of blockchain technology, crypto currency and digital assets. Usher in a new era of cryptocurrency.
Get to know the current events and news across the world from us! also we are working on something very special for you ;) Be the first to know, stay tuned!

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Order Fresh cut Delicious Meat

One Stop Store For your Meat Carvings. We serve a wide range of exotic meat and seafood. Delivering in Coimbatore city and with your love expanding to other major cities as well.

Order now and get it delivered just in time for cooking!!

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Our Clients

We belive in working hand in hand with every clients, understanding their brand requriment and nurturing them online for better branding in digital market space attracting their customer segment.

A Product of Eventus Productions


The Last Indian Village is all about people mingling and becoming one with the music, their cultures, and powerful experiences shared! It is a celebration of life and an idea created for people to lose themselves in the magic of music rather than the noise of the city.
The concept behind LIV – Last Indian Village is to build experience centric music festivals that not only focus on giving you the experience of a lifetime but also concentrates on delivering state-of-the-art production with visuals!

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Brand Development

We create and position brands, from identity to strategy, that foster deep relationships between business and consumer
  • Logo Design
  • Business Portfolio
  • Website Creation
  • SEO Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Graphics & Animation

Customer Engagement

By putting the user experience first, we create seamless and intuitive products that empower your customeres. 📲 We work closely with our clients to ensure creative vision. 📽
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Online Reputaion Management
  • Brand Image

Advertising Campaigns

There are potential customers online and you can cater your ads to your customer segment which makes advertising cost efficient and effective. Run campains on your budget.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • .. and much more

Brand Strategy

How you project your brand is very crutial and holds key importance on how your customer sees your business, So every business has its own strategy to deploy. Let us know more about your business before the plan of action. 🔩


We Care.

The Government Of India has done a great deal to its citizens, it time we give something back to our mother India. BeeBox a startup from தமிழ்நாடு will be donating 2% of profits* made to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and/or other future Green Goverment Campaigns.

If your business idea brings out your passion & customers benefit out of it - if you lag on the digital marketing nudge, BeeBox is willing to provide all its services for FREE!!